Chris Hill

Elected: Co-opted April 2014
Role: Director of Communications

Chris has been following Latics for as long as he can remember, with his Dad taking him to the games from 4 years old, sitting/standing in the Chaddy End. He has mainly worked for the NHS, but also had a stint in sales. Chris continues to work with Latics Playershare as he has for the last couple of years.  He will be working alongside Simon B on the communication and marketing with the Trust and will be one of the key links between the Trust and it’s members.

First ever latics game: Too young to remember but my first memory is the Sheffield Wednesday game as a 6 year old and the celebrations that went with it.

Favourite latics game: Liverpool win at BP in 2013. I have close friends and family who support Liverpool and the banter was flying around for weeks after.

Favourite player: Andy Ritchie-my hero

Favourite manager: Sir Joe Royle

Current favourite player: Joseph Mills