Welcome Home

We are delighted with the news that the historic name of Boundary Park is returning.

It is a subject we have had mentioned to us since the original deal was done, and one we raised with Mr Lemsagam in our discussions with him.

Immense credit goes to Mr Lemsagam for this. It is a subject he was keen to address and we would like to thank him for his speedy efforts.

He recognised the importance of this matter to the fanbase and this is one of a number of fan-related matters he is focusing on over the coming months.

Mr Lemsagam has spoken to us regularly about the amazing home and away support he’s seen, and we all need that to continue.

With six home games to go it’s important that all fans come out in numbers and show the team and Mr Lemsagam that we are behind them all the way as we look to secure our League One status for this year.