Welcome Abdallah

Trust Oldham are excited to welcome Abdallah Lemsagam as the new owner of Oldham Athletic.

This is a new era and a new start for everyone. We have been impressed with Mr Lemsagam’s commitment to the club and his plans that are ambitious, yet with a healthy dose of realism.

We would like to extend our thanks to both parties for their work throughout the takeover process. We acknowledge the part Mr Corney has played in the club’s history.

We would also like to thank the EFL for the work they have done, they have been extremely thorough and professional throughout.

This is also an opportunity to thank our representative, Simon Brooke, who has ensured the Trust have remained a part of the takeover process and the future of the club. We can confirm that the Trust position remains as it always has, with a 3% shareholding and seat on the board.

Mr Lemsagam has shown a commitment through the takeover talks to the club in time and finances. In our meetings with him he has made it clear the he wants to work closely with the Trust and create an inclusive and positive culture.

The fans and general public of Oldham should see this as a new start. Though none of us can know what the future holds, we can work together to create an atmosphere of positivity and improvement.

We look forward to working with Mr Lemsagam over the next few years.

A new era has begun.