Trust Statement regarding Investor talk

As fans we always welcome interest in our club and any potential investment. We have been monitoring the current situation and gathering further information since being informed of talks between the chairman and an interested party last week.

From our viewpoint any investment must follow the correct path to meet the club’s own articles of association and basic governance, and those of both the EFL and FA. We would expect any investor would be keen to do this if they have the long-term future of the club in mind.

We can confirm there has been no attempt by anyone associated with the current rumoured investor to speak to the Trust nor have there been any investor plans outlined to the full club board of directors.

Until either of these happens this remains a rumour and we will continue to question any further information we receive.

It is important that as fans we unite behind Shez, the team and club staff and help lift spirits after a difficult start to the season.

Our fans were magnificent in their support at Blackpool and we must continue to back Shez and the players as they try to turn things around.