Trust Board Representative Appointed

Trust Oldham are pleased to announce that Simon Brooke has been appointed to the Oldham Athletic board of directors.

Simon has been appointed to the board of directors following the Trust Oldham AGM and confirmation from the Football League.

A season ticket holder since 1988, he has been a pivotal figure at Trust Oldham since he joined the Trust board last year.

Trust Oldham Chair Diane Mellor believes the appointment further strengthens to partnership between the Trust and the club.

“The confirmation of Simon’s appointment is fantastic news for the Trust. This role is one of the toughest at the club and it requires a particular set of skills to do well and we were unanimous as a board that Simon was the ideal person to take this on. He has had a significant positive impact since he joined the Trust board last year and he has earned the respect of all of us with the way he goes about his work. We would ask all Trust members and the wider fanbase to give Simon your support as he gets to grips with this role.”

Speaking about his appointment Simon said,

“Since my dad first walked me through the Chaddy End turnstiles in 1986 this club has been a huge part of my life, and it has given me many wonderful experiences and great friends. I count myself extremely fortunate and privileged to be taking on this important role.

Our fans are extremely loyal and the lifeblood of this club. They care so much and at heart just want a strong and thriving club for future generations of fans to enjoy as much as they do. They have voices and opinions that are heard and it is my job, alongside the supporters liaison officer and club staff, to ensure those are well represented in key discussions.

I’m well aware that this job is a difficult one, but it is one I relish. We have thousands of fans and thousands of opinions on every detail, so pleasing everyone all the time is going to be difficult. However, I’ve always approached each and every challenge with a positive attitude and I will be working as hard as I can to build on the most important partnership there is, which is between the club and the fans.

From top to bottom the club is packed with Oldham fans who want nothing more than to bring the successful times back. I’m looking forward to helping them all achieve that in whatever way I can.”

On the changes that have been made at Trust Oldham, he said

“As a Trust we have reorganised and are focused on creating an inclusive and relevant organisation that fit better with the changed nature of our role. After all, a strong Trust is good for the fans and ultimately good for our club. It is a privilege not many other football league clubs have.

I would therefore urge all fans, season ticket holders or not, to join Trust Oldham and support the fundraising activities that are happening this season.

For both the club and the Trust exciting times are ahead.”

Outside of his commitments to both the club and Trust Oldham, Simon runs an award-winning marketing agency with his partner which is 10 years old this year. He previously held senior marketing and business development positions in the telecoms, security and financial services industries. Simon has also won several business awards, and he speaks and writes on a range of business and marketing subjects.

We will update you with more information once Simon is in post.