Recent meeting with club owner Abdallah Lemsagam

Recently, Diane Mellor who is the Trust-elected director on the board of Oldham Athletic got to meet club owner Abdallah Lemsagam for the first time. We were going to publish this update earlier in the week, and since then the club have made a statement on the affairs at the club which are welcomed and very encouraging.

The meeting was relatively brief and there is now an open channel of communication between the club and the Trust and regular board meetings are expected to start taking place. Abdallah was asked about the HMRC debt which is the subject of the winding up order, which as we have previously shared is a settled matter from a financial perspective. He commented on the financial mess he had inherited from the previous owner, and that he had paid off the most urgent outstanding debts, including this one.

The Trust welcome the content of Abdallah’s statement, which covered many areas of concern expressed by supporters, and covered the state of affairs he inherited and the work he’s done in a short period of time to sort it.

We’re hoping that this level of communication with supporters continues, with a level of openness that was missing under the former owner. Abdallah is still learning about how to run a business in this country, and despite the issues of the first 6 months he remains very enthusiastic and committed to Oldham Athletic.

We’re encouraged that Abdallah wants to continue to work with the Trust and build a strong partnership with us as we look to support the club with our initiatives. With our position on the board, we will monitor the health of the club and do what we can to play a part in seeing the club grow.

Over the coming months we will continue to improve our communications out to our members and fans, and when there is more information, we will keep you updated… the first formal board meeting is yet to be put in the diary.