New group launching for former OAFC players

Trust Oldham are working with the club to create a new group with the aim of keeping former players in touch with the fans of Oldham Athletic.

With the help of former Chief Executive, Alan Hardy, the group will provide a consistent and dedicated link with former players and managers.  The intention being that players from former eras will be regularly invited to matches, club events and reunions.

“Celebrating our history and the achievements of Oldham teams, and particularly players and managers of the past, is something we shouldn’t be afraid or embarrassed to do.

We all have our hero’s, and I want to ensure we have regular opportunities to meet them and relive those formative football experiences together.  I also want to create an environment where our former players feel very much part of the present.

Speaking with a number of ex-players over the past season they all retain a special affection for the club, I’d like to make sure that remains the case.” said Trust director Simon Brooke.

With the help of Alan and the club Trust Oldham will begin the process of contacting former players and managers over the coming weeks.

Trust Oldham are hoping to provide ambassador roles on match days for 2-3 former players as part of the group.