All change at Trust Oldham

The Trust Oldham AGM was held on 9 July 2018 at the Oldham Event Centre. Thanks to all members who took the time to come along to the well attended event. Simon Colebrook presented the accounts which were accepted and approved.

Diane Mellor, Tracy Wright & Mark Lund had all come to the end of their three-year term and stood for re-election and were successfully voted back onto the board.

New directors voted on the Trust included Darren Ratcliffe (formerly a founding director of the Trust) who is joined by David Sullivan, and Philippa Whittaker.

The current Chair, Diane Mellor, presented the annual report for the Trust which commented on a mixed year for the club both on and off the pitch. But stressed the importance of supporting the new owner, new manager and management team, and looked forward to the new season.

Following the close of formal business there was a question and answer session from the floor, with a wide range of issues raised and discussed.

There then followed the first Board meeting for the year, at which there were a number of key changes on the Board at the Trust.

Simon Brooke stood down as a director of Trust Oldham after accepting a new position with the club, and we’d like to put on record our thanks for his commitment over the past few years in which he worked tirelessly in his role as Trust elected director on the board of the club. Andy Roberts and Will Gough decided not to stand for re-election and we extend our thanks to both for their hard work and effort on behalf of the Trust.

Diane Mellor was nominated for the position as Trust representative on the club board, and was unanimously accepted. Diane was now ineligible to be Chair of the Trust as one director cannot hold both roles at the same time.

Mike Green and Andy Bickerdike were both co-opted for the year and will spend the coming months supporting the Trust as they decide if they would like to stand for election at the AGM next year.

The other key changes were that Simon Colebrook was voted as the new Trust Chairperson and Darren Ratcliffe was voted as vice-chair.

Keep checking back with the Trust Oldham website for more information over the coming weeks.

Directors (left to right) Simon Brooke, Simon Colebrook and Diane Mellor

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  1. How can you state the AGM was well attended when on Tuesday Tracey Wright was saying on Facebook that “approximately 22 people turned up”? As a matter of interest how many people are members of the Trust? If 22 people turning up counts as “well attended” then something is definitely wrong with the way the Trust is running

    • Thanks for the response Colin – my view is that the event was well attended (it’s Darren, I wrote the article).

      One thing that I have said I will do is help raise the profile of the Trust and it’s activities, and like you I would like to see every member that lives in the local area attend… but I am 2 days into my new role and I can’t achieve miracles 🙂

      Are you going to come along to our Meet The Manager event, and would you like to become a member if you aren’t already would you like to join? You’d be more than welcome.

  2. Mark Dunn says:

    Can somebody give any light into why the fans bar never materialised and will or is there any plans in place for the coming season?

    • It hasn’t gone away Mark – it’s just going to take some time… but there have been positive discussions with the club about it to this point.

      When there’s more to update you on we will do – part of the challenge is understanding all the regulations/legalities and then understanding what the options are.

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