Appointment to the Board

Trust Oldham is a trading style of Oldham Athletic Supporters Foundation Limited a private limited company limited by guaranteee

  • The constitution provides that there can be up to 15 directors, some elected by the members and others co-opted by the board.
  • There must be a minimum of five directors. If as a result of resignations or retirements the number of directors falls below this number the board may continue to function but should call a general meeting to fill the necessary spaces.
  • There must be a minimum of three elected directors and the number of elected directors must exceed the number of co-opted directors. If as a result of resignations or retirements of elected directors this balance is no longer achieved the board may fill the resulting vacancy or vacancies but any person appointed to fill such a vacancy steps down at the next AGM.
  • One third of elected directors step down at each AGM (so normally serve for a period of three years subject to the numbers on the board) but are eligible for re-election at the end of their term of office.
  • The board has previously adopted a Board Membership Policy as required by the constitution and which is separately published on the website.
  • The Board Membership Policy states that any member who wishes to be considered for election to the board may submit nominations in writing to the secretary 14 days prior to the AGM, and members who wish to propose other members to become directors may do the same.
  • The chairman has the discretion to permit the nomination of members for election to the board actually at the AGM itself and without prior notice, which indeed has occurred in the past.
  • The chairman is one of the elected directors and is appointed by the board.